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Valid license from hp required for possession, use or copying. Use simple voice commands to start, pause, continue, and repeat recipe information. Every fc fabric is limited in the number of switches it can support, but vc fc and flexfabric modules do not appear as switches to the fc fabric and do not count against fc fabric limits. The hp 110gb vc enet module 399593 b22 and the hp 110gb f vc enet. Hpe virtual connect for cclass bladesystem user guide.

You can use vcem to change, move, or redeploy any server within the vc domains that vcem controls. Hpe deep learning cookbook a set of tools to guide the choice of the best hardwaresoftware environment for a given deep learning workload. Vcfc and flexfabric modules enable connectivity to data center fc switches. Hp virtual connect flex10 10gb ethernet module for cclass. Storageworks 81q, storageworks 82q, storageworks 81e, storageworks 82e. This document replaces the second edition from may 2011 same sku, file name and link and is based on vc 3. Link to driver, firmware, software and manuals the hp 110gb virtual connect ethernet module for the cclass external ports within a port set can be on the same vc ethernet module or on multiple vc modules within the vc domain. Setup of your iscsi solution with hp virtual connect flex10 or flexfabric module and flexfabric. Hewlettpackard storageworks 8gb pcie fc hbas specification sheet. Hp virtual connect directattach fibre channel for hp 3par flatsan. I find vc for sans 10 times simpler to explain than vc for ethernet. Link to driver, firmware, software and manuals the hp. If so could you help me understand the connect to column.

See below for a list of hardwaresoftware c7000 blade chasis oa firmware 3. Virtual connect is a new virtualization technology from hewlettpackard hp that decouples fixed blade server adapter network addresses from the associated external networks so that changes in the blade server infrastructure and the lan and san environments dont require a complex choreography among server, lan, and san teams for every task. Hp virtual connect flexfabric cookbook apache welcome page. Virtual connect fiber channel modules may fail to complete the firmware upgrade in certain large configurations. It shows a wwpn, but when looking at our fc switch it is connected to i dont see. The vcfc and vc flexfabric modules are fc standardsbased and are compatible with all other npiv standard compliant switch products. Hp has completed an update of the virtual connect fibre channel cookbook and it is available for download. Enable speech commands and have the ingredients, directions and preparation read to you by the hp touchsmart. Live recipe feed to discover and capture new web recipes.

Using the vmware iscsi software initiator in conjunction with accelerated iscsi support. The system management software is included in the hpe custom image, available from or available on hpes vibsdepot 6. Hp flexfabric is a high performance, virtualized, lowlatency network which will consolidate both ethernet and fibre channel. Provides a set of useful windowsspecific primitives. Flexfabric utilizes two technologies, converged enhanced ethernet cee and fibre channel over ethernet fcoe, which comes builtin in every proliant g7 server blade. The hpe virtual connect 16gb 24port fibre channel module for cclass bladesystem is a new class of blade interconnect that simplifies server connections by cleanly separating the server enclosure from the san. Vc ethernet modules use standard ethernet bridge circuitry with special firmware so that they function. I also recently managed to find the manual page for the hp virtual connect flex10 10gb ethernet module for cclass bladesystem on hps site which is a good reference launch page for the latest hp virtual connect ethernet cookbook and all other flex10 related documentation. How does an hp fibre channel virtual connect module work. Hp virtual connect 8gb 24port fibre channel module. Oneclick capture of internet recipes from multiple sites into software format. When configuring the iscsi vnets, make sure you enable smart link feature, to ensure for faster failovers. Fc cookbook for hp virtual connect apache welcome page.

Notification of unsupported cablesthe hp vc flexfabric 10gb24port. And once you copypaste your recipes in, you can easily print out as many cookbooks as you want on your own home computer. Each virtual connect flexfabric2040 module can replace up to three 10gbe based switches and one 8 gb fiber channel switch in an hpe bladesystem enclosure. Whenever a vc module has a onetoone relationship towards the upstream tor switch or several tor switches when using mlag, such as hp irf, cisco catalyst vss or nexus vpc, etc. Pinterest compatibility with recipe capture and automatic syncing. Our system is the simplest, fastest, most lowcost way to produce a truly memorable, wellorganized family cookbook. Vc flexfabric modules eliminate up to 95% of network sprawl at the server edge with one device that. Products sold prior to the november 1, 2015 separation of hewlettpackard company into hewlett packard enterprise company and hp inc. Connecting one vc module to more than one fc switch is unsupported below so, in essence you treat each vc module as terminating all hba port 1. The updated hp virtual connect ethernet cookbook is now available. You then patch each of the fc ports into a fc switch. This document is for the person who installs, administers, and troubleshoots servers and storage systems. When you try to use hp recipe box to save a recipe in the desktop version of internet explorer, a message appears in the upperright corner of the screen. Connecting one vc module to more than one fc switch is unsupported below so, in essence you treat each vc module as terminating all hba port 1s and the other fcvc module as terminating all hba port 2s.

The message that appears when trying to share recipes using a windows 8 desktop internet explorer browser. Temporary work around is to temporarily remove or power off some of the vcfc modules and try the update again. Let hp touchsmart help by reading the recipe to you. Fibre channel virtual connect virtualization, cloud. The hp vc flexfabric modules will then connect directly to a 3par fc storage array. Some software requires a valid warranty, current hewlett packard enterprise support contract, or a license fee. Combinations of flexfabric, vcenet and vcfc modules are allowed as long as the 16module limit for each module type ethernet and fc is not exceeded in the domain. Reduces networking tco at the server edge by saving up to 65% on equipment. I recently picked up a copy of synthdesigner thomas henrys vco chip cookbook from sms electronics. Hi, not the news i was hoping for as we bough the kit all new and installed it already. The cookbook covers several recipes for attaining sine, triangle, and square waves from each chip with difficulties ranging from beginnerfriendly to. For large multidomain environments, we developed hp virtual connect enterprise manager vcem, a standalone software application.

It simplifies the process of connecting servers to fibre channel networks by reducing cables and your san switch management domain, and. Hpe virtual connect flexfabric2040 f8 module for cclass. Hp virtual connect fw package hp 8gb 24 port virtual connect fibre channel module pn 466482b21 vc 1. The video is to help users with virtual connect initial setup. Hp virtual connect flexfabric cookbook hpe support center. Free shipping get free shipping free 58 day shipping within the u. Commercial computer software, computer software documentation, and technical data for commercial items are. Single and multi enclosure domain stacked scenarios part number 603028003 third edition august 2010. Hpe virtual connect for cclass bladesystem user guide version 4. You can print one book for yourself or create a pdf file that you can emmail to your local copy shop. If more than two vc flexfabric2040 f8 modules are installed in an enclosure, the ambient temperature cannot exceed. A number of bl460c blades with dualport qlogic mezzanine card hbas. I normally just lurk on here, but i had to register just for this question.

It is a common wisdom today, that to start a deep learning exploration one needs a gpuenabled system and one of. Deploying a vmware vsphere ha cluster with hp virtual. Flexfabric adapter firmware and drivers must be updated to spp version. Hp virtual connect flexfabric 10gb24port module for c. Hp virtual connect ethernet cookbook updated to include. The supported configuration is one fcvc module to 1 fc switch below connecting one read more about how does an hp fibre channel virtual connect module work.

Recommended hpe bladesystem cclass virtual connect firmware, ethernet plus 8gb 20port and 816gb 24port fc edition. Chef is a company and the name of a configuration management tool written in ruby and erlang. Hp virtualconnect and fibre san solutions experts exchange. Software delivery repository hewlett packard enterprise. Figure 1 hp virtual connect 8gb 24port fibre channel module front bezel 1. Update your virtual connect flex10 switches to firmware 3. Increased bandwidth depending on the vc fibre channel module and the number of uplinks used, the servertouplink ratio oversubscription ratio is adjustable to 2. Any dissemination, distribution, or unauthoried use is strictly prohibited. Hp virtual connect 8gb 24port fibre channel module for cclass. I explained some common vc terms like shared uplink set, multiple networks, nativeuntagged.

Hpe virtual connect flexfabric 10gb24 port modules are the simplest, most flexible way to connect virtualized server blades to data or storage networks. For information on module support of enclosures and configurations, see the. Can you recommend a card that can be used inside the bl460c with the virtual connect that gives us fc and ethernet connections using the existing vcs in the chassis, fcoe isnt required. Downloads from the hpe software delivery repository. It uses a pureruby, domainspecific language dsl for writing system configuration recipes. The hp virtual connect ethernet cookbook features new flex10 scenarios, all designed to help guide you through common uses cases and configurations. Vmware simply runs better on proliant downloading or using these files implies acceptance of the hpe eula. Flex10 windows 20032003 implementation flex10 esx implementation vc cli appendices cisco and procurve. Earlier releases of the virtual connect ethernet cookbook cover both 1gb and 10gb. Hp bladesystem cclass virtual connect ethernet vcenet, vc 4gb fc, vc 8gb 20port fc, and vc 8gb 24port fc modules. Interconnects and virtual connect and software installation and startup of a bladesystem c7000.

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